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Our Products

Our innovative products are designed for everyday use by virtually everyone.

E-Info is our premier Software as a Service and Mobile Application designed to provide on-demand life safety and regulatory information to users the second they enter into a subscribed location. E-Info provides additional features such as mass notification to users within the subscribed location and read receipts of published information for administrative purposes.

2022 Copyrights and Protected


Menu is an on-demand mobile application and software that provides subscribed restaurant menus, ordering, and checkout on 1 universal application. Dine at "Mom & Pop' restaurants, dives, or national franchise eateries and use Menu to order and pay. Menu is possible as 1 universal application only by using our "patent pending' technology. 

2022 Copyrights and Protected

Menu (Mobile Application & Software-Coming Soon) 

My Post Office eliminates the need for traditional paper mail. Receive all your bills, invoices, statements, notices, etc. directly in My Post Office. Electronic mail is organized by category, with reminder functionality, and bills/invoices can be paid directly from the application once it is linked to your banking institution. My Post Office works by using our "patent pending" technology. 

2022 Copyrights and Protected

My Post Office (Mobile Application & Software-Coming Soon)

Find Me is a scavenger hunt application using our "patent pending" technology. 


2022 Copyrights and Protected

Find Me (Mobile Application & Software-Coming Soon)

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